Anyone that has the last name Gammon will be able to get an email account throught this site for what every the going rate is, currently (as of 03/06/2010) $10.00 a year, less than $0.84 a month, if bought one year at a time. The guide lines for these accounts are as follows:

1) Your last name must be Gammon.

2) The name on the account must be your first name, or your middle name, or both. The only nick names that will be allowed to be used as an email account is a common family nick name. A husban and wife can share an account with a name like or Danny&

3) Each email account must be paid in advance and can be bought in 1, 2, 3, and 5 year intervals and there is often a discount for buying in 3 or 5 year intervals.

If you want an email account or just want more information please feel free to contact us by clicking the Contact Us button to the left.



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